Remaining Moonrats
Dawn of the Deaddie
is a real time pvp horror game networked through twitch chat. You might experience some lag.
Required credit screen:
Game made by Kuju and Liavre.
Music credited to Kevin MacLeod.
Left arrow key goes back
. . .
Left arrow key goes back
It was a dark and scary night, the idiot himself sleeping nearby, and eddie knew that he had to protect the idiot who could not protect himself from the oncoming horde of terrors.
Left arrow key goes back
Move with WASD.
Attack with left click, right click (hold down), Q, and E.
Dash with shift.
First, take half a minute to learn your abilities.
Left arrow key goes back
A message to twitch chat:
Moonrats monsters can choose between Tankrat, Spitrat, and Pouncerat.
Move with WASD.
Click to use your one ability.
Try to get a good balance of the 3 classes to win the fight.
Left arrow key goes back
To fight against moonmoon, connect to
Left arrow key goes back
Night 1
The horde will be released in 20 seconds.
And, following the past.
Eddie has once again saved the idiot.
Another week of life, given.
Another week of ignorance.
Not a shred of solidarity to ease the monumental responsibilities of night.